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ACT WorkKeys at Intro Course

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ACT WorkKeys at Intro Course
by Wendi Hawk - Friday, July 31, 2020, 2:37 AM

ACT WorkKeys Pre-Tests Following Social Distancing Guidelines  

New NSHS students attending the Introduction to College Course starting on August 10th, will be provided sign up times to go into the sites to take the ACT WorkKeys assessment following government social distancing guidelines. Students will need to wear masks at all times. Students who are sick or unable to physically come to campus due to COVID will be asked to work with their Director of Site Administration (DSA) to reschedule their appointments. The post-testing is scheduled to take place in March after preparation. This is a pre-assessment, but students should still follow the NSHS expectation to always do your best! There are three tests that take up to 45 minutes each.   

The ACT WorkKeys assessments may provide NSHS students with a portable National Career Readiness Certificate showing their potential skills for employment. Students may earn chords at graduation and a career readiness endorsement on their diplomas from the Nevada Department of Education. More information may be found here: